Spine Align

The Posture Trainer™

The Posture Trainer™

Spine Align

The Posture Trainer™

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You can't put a price on good posture. Our Posture Trainer™ has been shown to improve posture in 2 weeks or your money back guaranteed. 

Made of high-tech stretchy neoprene material, the Posture Trainer™ is designed to fit all sizes. Wear it comfortably at work, the gym, and even under your clothes to enjoy good posture all day, everyday! 




Adjustment from 28 to 48 Inch in chest circumference.Figure 8 Back Posture Corrector with breathable and latex-free adjustment strap.




Shoulder Support Brace Pull back your Upper Back to the right position. And then improve your whole body posture during work or life.


You can use it not only when you are sitting on computer or driving a car, but also when you are playing sports or gardening. What is more, you can use it at home when you are doing housework, or watching TV.


Posture brace filed with Lightweight neoprene,can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.Correct your posture all day.You can put on and adjust by yourself. 


This lightweight back support should be worn daily. First couple of days wear it for 10-20 minutes only, than add 10 minutes every day. Your back and shoulders will slowly adjust and you will build muscle memory for the right posture.


Easily get perfect confident posture - start standing, sitting much straighter.
Align your shoulders, spine and upper back.
Improve posture & reduce slouching immediately with easily adjustable dual strap design.
Lightweight padded neoprene corrector can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.
Eliminates neck and back discomfort from sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer.
Wear all day to retrain your posture- it's nearly invisible when worn under a shirt.
1. Do not bleach.
2. Use cold water hand washing.
3. Don't use the washing machine dehydration, hot water washing is not available. 
Package including:One of  Lightweight padded neoprene corrector


Try The Posture Trainer™ completely risk free with our 100% money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide you aren't satisfied, contact our helpful customer support and we'll refund you, no questions asked!

Customer Reviews

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Ransom Kautzer

The goods received! Thank you seller!

Gardner Hermann

It seems normal. But press on the armpits strongly.

Zakary Ullrich

Excellent thanks

Adelle Abernathy


Marlene Altenwerth

Come, thank you. Looks good


I have really bad problems with my posture. I always am hunched over working on an iPad or laptop, so I am always looking for things that will help me keep my back straight. The straps on this corrector device fit great, and are easily adjusted. The device is turned on with the press of a button and it measures how straight your back should be. Anytime you move from that position it will buzz and remind you to stand straight. This is great if you’re walking or standing all day but if you’re involved in other kinds of activities like bending over or just sitting and standing, it can get pretty annoying to have to hyperextend your back. Nonetheless it’s extremely effective and will definitely help you sit up straighter.

Jillian K

I have been really happy with this posture corrector, mostly because it just works.

Having going through physical therapy for my neck and currently going through my shoulders, I now get the importance of addressing these issues. Long commutes to/from work and sitting at a desk job are just brutal on the body. Combine that with exercise routines and bad posture, the body can only take so much.

This I just put on, hit a button, wait for it to vibrate and I know it's good to go. The first time is a little strange, but once you get used to it, it's super easy. The battery lasts a long time and frankly keeping good position when you are not used to it is not easy, but totally worth it. Not a product to wait on; if you don't have you health you don't have anything.

Rachel S

This posture corrector is the most comfortable one I've ever worn by far. The elastic bands are very nice and stretchy. The vibration mechanic actually works well. I use this when on my computer for long periods of time and it definitely keeps my back straight. After hours of use, there is a fatigue due to the straps digging in, but this is unavoidable. Nonetheless, I'd highly recommend this product.

Roger R
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