Spine Align

Intelligent Posture Corrector™

Intelligent Posture Corrector™

Spine Align

Intelligent Posture Corrector™

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Good posture is consciously developed, not corrected by external forces. The Intelligent Posture Corrector will vibrate when you have bad posture to remind the user. Not like the traditional corrector which uses force, The Intelligent Posture Corrector has no stress and no pain.



This posture corrector adopts ergonomic 8-character design, it fits the human body curve and opens the shoulder comfortably when you wear it. It can do real-time angle monitoring through the intelligent chip, and the hunchback sensor automatically perceives and vibrates to remind you to achieve the correct body posture. Say goodbye to traditional compulsory correction.



Healthy ABS material and skin care cloth belt. Adjustable invisible brace fashion design, universal for all ages. We especially recommend it to people at a younger age to develop good posture early, the younger you are, the better, although with that said The Intelligent Posture Corrector is still useful for people of all ages.



Adjust and wear, first erect back and lift chest, then hold the switch for 1 second to power on, the posture machine will vibrate 3 times and record your correct posture. When user has a hunchback (radian of more than 25 degrees.) The posture trainer will automatically identify it and vibrate to remind the user to keep a healthy posture. After using for 30 days, a good habit is built.



People with serious back problem should go to see a doctor. The process of correction is not easy, and it needs to be adhered to 15 days at least. A healthy and effective way is to cultivate good habits, correct sitting and walking postures, rather than to try correct them by force.


Try The Intelligent Posture Corrector™ completely risk free with our 100% money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide you aren't satisfied, contact our helpful customer support and we'll refund you, no questions asked!



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Brad Bashirian

Very good quality

Gaylord Cassin

Good product.

Malinda Hagenes

The belt came in less than two weeks, the quality is good, there is no smell, with slouch and tilt vibrates, charging is normal from yusb, the cord is included. I am very happy, took for my son, the belt is adjustable.

Marianne Padberg

Very good

Devante Pfannerstill

love it!


I have really bad problems with my posture. I always am hunched over working on an iPad or laptop, so I am always looking for things that will help me keep my back straight. The straps on this corrector device fit great, and are easily adjusted. The device is turned on with the press of a button and it measures how straight your back should be. Anytime you move from that position it will buzz and remind you to stand straight. This is great if you’re walking or standing all day but if you’re involved in other kinds of activities like bending over or just sitting and standing, it can get pretty annoying to have to hyperextend your back. Nonetheless it’s extremely effective and will definitely help you sit up straighter.

Jillian K

I have been really happy with this posture corrector, mostly because it just works.

Having going through physical therapy for my neck and currently going through my shoulders, I now get the importance of addressing these issues. Long commutes to/from work and sitting at a desk job are just brutal on the body. Combine that with exercise routines and bad posture, the body can only take so much.

This I just put on, hit a button, wait for it to vibrate and I know it's good to go. The first time is a little strange, but once you get used to it, it's super easy. The battery lasts a long time and frankly keeping good position when you are not used to it is not easy, but totally worth it. Not a product to wait on; if you don't have you health you don't have anything.

Rachel S

This posture corrector is the most comfortable one I've ever worn by far. The elastic bands are very nice and stretchy. The vibration mechanic actually works well. I use this when on my computer for long periods of time and it definitely keeps my back straight. After hours of use, there is a fatigue due to the straps digging in, but this is unavoidable. Nonetheless, I'd highly recommend this product.

Roger R
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